Life is not an Instagram photo Life is not an Instagram photo Life is not an Instagram photo

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Life is not an Instagram photo

I was having a conversation with a client and friend the other day. She was commenting on how ‘so and so’s’ life (a competitor for her business who is in the same social circle) looked so perfect, that her business seemed to be going so well and that everything she was doing looked just peachy. This came in the same conversation where we were discussing her current cash flow situation, new business models, and how to step things up and take them to the next level. The ...

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What are you known for?

Last week I shared with you some tips to brand yourself fabulous, as published on Womens Agenda where they shared an edited extract from my book Getting Real About Having It All. Today some more tips to get you thinking. The days of being employed in one company – and in one career – went out the window in the ’80s. Today, in the knowledge economy, it is all about talent. It is about building eminence, thought leadership, unique skills that are in demand, and being known for what it ...

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