Creating space for what you long for Creating space for what you long for Creating space for what you long for

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Creating space for what you long for

I just got back from Byron, from a much needed break where I created the space and time to just be, to reflect, to do a whole lot of nothing and recharge my soul. I was pretty burnt out before I left and absolutely wasn’t showing up as my best self. Coming off the back of getting my latest book Lead Like A Woman into the world, launching two online programs in the past six months (The Career Toolkit and Lead Like A Woman), delivering a free career masterclass, and just the general stuff ...

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Staying calm when things are crazy

I always remind my clients who complain about being busy that ‘you’re busy with what you said yes to’, which can sometimes be met with a defensive response. I get it. Because I had to say it to myself over the past few weeks (and I didn’t like it much either). Between running a business which includes a thriving coaching practice, speaking engagements, amazing corporate clients, running leadership development programs, writing not one but two books concurrently, ...

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