Where are your moments of joy? Where are your moments of joy? Where are your moments of joy?

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Where are your moments of joy?

I’ve been seeing a trend with some of my private clients lately, and with many of the women who write and share their stories with me. In a normal conversation between friends it’s sometimes hard to put your finger on, and it’s certainly not the first thing that comes to mind in a general discussion. But when I listen to the stories, and when I start to see the grey creep in and the colour seep out, this is the question I seem to be asking more than many others at the moment. ...

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What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?   What is that one thing you are yearning to do, if only someone would say that you could and you should?   What is your heart and soul longing for?   What desire have you squashed so small that it now fits in a ring-sized box and sits in the farthest corner of your mind?   What have you given up on because you felt like you didn’t have the one thing you needed to just try and make it happen for yourself?   What are you missing? Have you ...

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Why the Eff didn’t they call me?

So two weeks ago I put my first book out into the world. It is an exciting and interesting time. Exciting for obvious reasons; seeing your name in print, finally being a published author, the first time seeing the book in the book store (front cover out – a big deal!). All very exciting. And it has been interesting in many ways too.   The most interesting thing I have witnessed over the past few weeks has been my almost daily (if not hourly) journey between ego, fear and spirit. Let me ...

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