Mindset hack: Where are you winning? Mindset hack: Where are you winning? Mindset hack: Where are you winning?

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Mindset hack: Where are you winning?

Where does your mind go when you are busy, or having a big week, or just in the rush of a normal day: to what’s working, or to everything that’s going wrong? When you look for the signs that you are being ‘successful’ at work or life, what do you look for: the big moments, or the small victories? And just when do you celebrate those successes that you notice? Do you even celebrate them, or do they just whiz past in the busyness of your life? Here’s a mindset hack ...

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Time to reignite your career? The ten steps that matter.

On any given day in your work life, there is a lot to focus on. Clients, meetings, deadlines, office politics, stress and anxiety, not to mention your boss, your team and just when do you get that coffee break?! It can be pretty overwhelming. So it’s not surprising that my research shows that 70% of women don’t have a career plan, and more than 48% of women are just completely winging it when it comes to what’s next for them work wise. Not only that, more than 70% of women are ...

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What happens when you stop striving?

I was with one of my long term coaching clients last week. She is a mover and shaker, runs a massive operations department for an important organisation. And she was having an epiphany. She was relaying some amazing things that had happened to her in the past month since we had our last session. A brilliant leadership program that was hotly contested landed ‘in her lap’, an overseas development program that she didn’t think she would be selected for came through, and her work ...

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