What to do when it’s time to pivot What to do when it’s time to pivot What to do when it’s time to pivot

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What to do when it’s time to pivot

Transition. It’s kind of exciting. All the new things and creative inspiration and dreams of what may be possible. And let’s keep it real: it kind of sucks. Making tough decisions. Letting go of things that no longer serve. Facing fears of what could go wrong. It’s both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. A period of transition can last a short time, or a long time. Before I left my corporate career, it was years before I was finally ready to step out. That journey ...

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Three keys to finding your purpose

We hear a lot of people talking about purpose. How you need to find your purpose, be on purpose, work and live with purpose. And I’m one of those people. Because it matters. It matters deeply. But so many people are walking through their lives with a greyness about them. No colour. Like ghosts living in the machine of their life. They may have given up on their purpose, discarded it in the trash one evening, thrown out with the dinner scraps. Or maybe, as is the case for so many, they never ...

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