The Writers Circle

The Writers Circle

Welcome to The Writers Circle, a new writers group bringing together like-minded women who share a passion for the written word. You may be a published writer, an author working on your first book, a keen blogger needing inspiration, or someone who has been dreaming of getting words on the page but doesn’t quite know how. Together you will be inspired to unleash your creativity and to write the words that the world needs to hear.

We will come together for eight weeks and gather, as women once did, in a circle to share our voices. In each session you will experience:

  • A warm and supportive environment where you will feel safe and encouraged to listen, learn, share and bond with other women who are on their own writing journey.
  • We will look at a new area of the writing process each week, have the chance to answer your questions, and work with exercises and homework to fuel your writing juices.
  • You will have the chance, if you choose, to read your writing to the circle. This is a beautiful way to share in a supportive environment. You can of course, choose just to listen, and that is fine too.
  • There will be ample time for open forum discussion, and time to talk about anything and everything that impacts your writing process and outcomes.
  • I will share my experience as a published author and a writer for local and international magazines and online sites; my processes, what works, what doesn’t, and how I keep the words flowing and the output coming.
  • A private Facebook community set up exclusively for women who have been part of The Writers Circle, so that you always have a supportive group to turn to through your journey as a writer.

At the end of the eight weeks you can expect to:

  • Have busted many of the myths about writing and what it means to be an artist.
  • Have developed and committed to a writing practice that will be the foundation of achieving your goals, even if they are only to get words on the page.
  • Have a new tribe of women to support you, share with, and travel through life with on your writers path. This can make all the difference between actually writing, not just dreaming about it.
  • Understand new processes and tools to work with to help fuel your creativity.
  • Have resources to use for writing inspiration and support.
  • Have had a memorable experience that can change the path of your writing forever.
  • Learn from myself and each other, about what it really takes to fulfill your writing dreams.
  • Have tangible words that you have written during the program – whether it be book pages, articles, blog posts or other writing – so you will have made real progress and forward movement on your work.

The Details:

Registration for the The Writers Circle is currently closed. For private writing coaching click here. For updates on future Writers Programs please join the list at the top of the page.

Love and gratitude

“The Writing Circle was a magical experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to make writing a part of their life. Megan is the most generous, supportive, honest, kind, genuine, soulful and fun mentor that you could ask for – always sharing her wisdom so openly and fully, answering all of our questions, constantly encouraging us and believing in our writing dreams, no matter how big or small. The women in the group were also amazing and I felt completely supported by each and every one of them. I feel as though I have become part of an incredible sisterhood of women who want to support each other to write our hearts out and share our voices with the world. The Writers Circle became my favourite part of the week – sharing tea, treats, stories, challenges, fears and dreams with wonderful women under the guidance and support of Megan in her beautiful home! Megan is so generous with everything that she shares – you’ll get so much delicious insight about the publishing industry and the writing process, as well as stacks of practical advice to help you take your writing to the next level. I’m so glad I signed up for the Writing Circle – it’s definitely one of the best decisions I have made for myself and it’s been worth every penny (plus a whole lot more!).”

– Samantha Thomas, Entrepreneur

“I joined Megan’s Writers Circle with the hope of receiving some guidance on the process of writing a book. What I had achieved at the end of our time together was so much more! I not only publicly declared I was writing a book, I have drafted the first two and a half chapters – I can tell you I never saw that coming! Megan is generous with her time, her knowledge, and with sharing her own journey and you can’t help but be inspired and motivated. I encourage anyone considering The Writers Circle to just do it. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

– Sonya Lovell, Mindset Coach

“I’d look forward to Megan’s Writer’s Circle group every week. I met a great bunch of writers, some of whom were well into their writing journey, and needed fresh inspiration to continue, and others who just wanted to explore the writing world. Megan was like our spirit guide, leading us through each session without judgement, but with pots of tea instead. This group is perfect for anyone who wants to connect with likeminded people, take their writing to the next level and get practical advice from a professional writer.”

– Erica Enriquez, Writer(ish)

“Megan’s Writers Circle is a soothing haven that creates magical shifts! I gained unbelievable clarity and confidence through Megan’s teachings and the connections with likeminded writers. The Writers Circle experience has significantly impacted my path as a writer.”

– Vicki Heath, Writer + PR Specialist

“The Writers Circle is a Winner! I loved it. I wasn’t sure what to expect and felt out of my comfort zone when I signed up but I was instantly put to ease by Megans calm, open hearted and humorous nature. She is professional in a very down to earth no BS way. Each night our discussion was lead by the groups own weekly writing experiences and what we wanted to know about writing and the industry, not Megan talking at us about what she thought we wanted or needed to know. It was very organic and inspiring. I came away with more knowledge, a clearer idea of where I want to take my writing and have formed amazing connections with other women writers. I highly recommend the Writers Circle no matter where you are on your journey. 8 weeks wasn’t long enough!!”

– Danielle Wright, author of Sleepy Magic –

“Megan’s writer’s circle was a great source of inspiration. Throughout the 8 weeks I have created a writing ritual, affirmed myself as a writer, received real guidance on what to do to get published, received support from the other participants in the course and have obtained some real clarity to proceed with writing my book. I feel I can really tackle my writing projects with gusto and ease. Thanks Megan for your inspiration, guidance and holding the space to encourage us to create our manuscripts.”

– Jikara Liddy – Project Manager –


Questions? Please email [email protected] and I will be happy to answer them.

About Megan Dalla-Camina

I am a strategist, coach, speaker and writer on women, leadership and wellbeing. In addition to being the author of the best selling book Getting Real About Having It All (Hay House), I write for many media outlets including Huffington Post, Psychology Today, Fast Company, Wellbeing, Renegade Collective and Women’s Agenda. My work has been seen in Forbes, Fortune, Business News Daily, BRW, CIO, Women’s Health, Marie Claire, The Australian, The Age, Human Capital, Glamour, Cleo, Cosmo, Body and Soul and more. I have been featured on international and local TV including CBS News, Fox Business, Fox News, NBC, The Today Show, Huffington Post Live, Channel Ten, Channel 7, ABC and various radio programs. My greatest passion in life is to help women create the careers and lives they love, by tapping into the creativity and courage that can make it possible. Having often been called ‘the permission giver’, my purpose is to help you unlock the essence of your true self, and tap into the creative flow that is sitting just under the surface of your life. Your words are waiting to be written. Let’s write them together.