Vision, planning & gut instinct? Gold. Vision, planning & gut instinct? Gold. Vision, planning & gut instinct? Gold.

Vision, planning & gut instinct? Gold.

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Last July I was in Byron Bay doing some writing and then having a business planning retreat with my best friend and business partner Michelle McQuaid. We were dreaming up a new amazing lifestyle program to help women live with more fulfilment and wellbeing. We planned out the program over brunches and dinners and came home filled with excitement and energy about the next few months.

But about a month in, something just didn’t feel right.

I was excited about the program. I knew that the content would help change peoples lives. But I kept having a niggling feeling that was impacting my energy for the work. I ignored it for a week or two, but then I had to call myself on it.

What was bothering me? As I sat with the feeling of unrest, I realised that although I loved the idea of the lifestyle program, I knew there was something else I was meant to spending my time and energy on. Something that could have an even bigger impact. And something that was intricately linked to the other work I was doing in the world.

So I called Michelle and as always we were in tune and discussed the other option for what we could be doing. We are both so passionate about women and leadership, both have deep expertise in positive psychology and positive leadership, and both know with all of our hearts that there is a better way for women to show up in the world as leaders and as women. And we wanted to help people to do just that. To lead and live better.

And right there, Lead Like A Woman was born.

There is something magical that happens when three things line up – vision, planning and gut instinct. I knew intuitively that this is where I was meant to be focussing and serving, and whilst the other work would have been good, this will be of greater help to the women I serve and support. I trusted my gut, and it never steers me wrong.

The vision was there all along. Through many discussions and meetings, we refined what we wanted to create, what would be included, and what shifts we wanted to help people make. Like moulding a sculpture from clay, we did the big chunks first, then kept filing away until we got to the image we knew was there all along.

And then there was the planning. Nothing is impossible when you have a vision and a plan. Whilst I am a wiz on vision and strategy, thankfully Michelle is the Goddess of planning and making things happen, and wicked with an excel spreadsheet (great partnership right there!). We needed this discpline to get a pretty mammoth project up, running and launched in just a few months. Lot’s of good energy, positive momentum, and utter passion to deliver.

And here we are. Ready to go, women to serve and support, and an exciting three month program ahead that is going to change so much and be such fun in the process.

So what did we create? Lead Like A Woman is a new cutting edge leadership program for professional women who just know that this is their time. That there is a better way to lead and a better way to live, and they are ready to go on that journey. Women just like you, who want to incorporate science and spirit, have permission to show up as who they truly are, and learn new tools and proven strategies to seriously progress their career path. All within a supportive community of like-minded women, who just get it.

We have built this incredible program based on the latest in the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience, gender science and wellbeing. It is underpinned by our decades of leadership experience, our passion for women, and our commitment to make real change in the world through helping women show up as their authentic selves, and to create lives in which they can thrive.

There is a proverb that says when sleeping women wake, mountains move. It is indeed time to move mountains. We would love you to join us.


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