What triggers your envy? What triggers your envy? What triggers your envy?

What triggers your envy?


Envy can be seen as a really negative state, one where you can feel inadequate or less than others. Actually it gets a pretty bad wrap. But it can also be an indication of what you really want. If you see something in another person or in a piece of work, it can open you up to a need or want that you may not be in touch with.

There are simple examples. You might look a picture of a beautiful women in a magazine and think “I really wish I had skin like that”. Or you could look at the pool in a friends backyard, and be wishful that you too had a pool for your kids to play in.

But go deeper. The woman in the magazine; your desire to radiate vitality and health. The kids and the pool? Longing for family time. I look at successful business people, entrepreneurs who are doing amazing things, and I can feel the twitch of envy. It’s not that I want to replicate their success, but more that I want that level of creativity in my growing business.

Trigger. Right there, that twitch, is a signal of what I need to work on.  I look at writers who are doing magical things with their words, book marketing or platform building. Trigger. I too need to be looking at these things for my next major work.

I watch people who have glowing health and happiness and a sense of vitality I could only dream about. Envy. Trigger. Get thee to the yoga mat, meditation cushion and green smoothie maker. Pronto.

Next time you look at someone or something and feel a sense of envy, don’t panic. Don’t brush it off. And cut yourself some slack. Look a little closer and see what that envy is there to teach you. Take the lesson and leave the rest. Write it down. Play with it. And take those desires and longings and put them to work in helping you create the life you truly want.

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