What’s driving you? What’s driving you? What’s driving you?

What’s driving you?

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One of the greatest challenges in my business and life is my drive. To be more specific, my driver. She is that part of me that is constantly on, looking for the next creative project, the next business venture, working out how to serve my clients better, get the book written, the PhD done, get-everything-happening-like-yesterday (if not sooner……aren’t you done already???).

Can you relate?

I am yet to find someone who does not have some version of the driver in their personality. I see it everyday with my clients. And that alone is not necessarily a problem. She (or he) only becomes a problem when she takes over, when she runs rampant, when she goes completely rogue.

Or when you’re not aware that she even exists.

That my friend, is a major and potentially derailing, kind of problem. The word catastrophic would not be overstating it.

So I wanted to ask you today, do you know what’s driving you?

Are you aware of why you do the things you do? Why perhaps you work so hard. Why you care so much. Why you just have to get every single thing on your to do list done this very minute. Why you are in achievement over drive and can’t seem to switch off. Perhaps why you say yes when you really want to say no, and then have to live with the consequences of saying it (insert your resentment here). Why you can’t sleep. Why you work instead of going for that walk. And definitely why you can’t seem to meditate. Like, not ever.

To get our driver under control we have to do a few things, and you will probably have to dig a little to get there:

1. Realize that you do indeed have a driver

2. Understand when she is running the show

3. Get under the skin of why she is driving so hard and what she hopes to get in return

My driver? She likes to achieve. More knowledge, more creativity, more work, more achievement, more impact, more service.

But there is a massive cost to all this drive that I see in people everyday. Overwhelm, lack of creativity, fear of missing out (and therefore more drive), lack of peace and contentment, massive loads of stress, loss of a social life or family time, and of course, the golden ticket, exhaustion and burn out.

It’s not a pretty picture. But it can be.

I have learnt over the years, in fact pretty recent years, that I have to honour the driver part of me just like you have to honour your fear. Trying to ignore her, or defeat her, is futile. You gotta become friends. Work out when she shows up, ask her what she wants, and give her a job to do that keeps her in her lane and lets you get on with the business of being you.

Spend some time sitting with this, and see what comes up for you. Get real and ask yourself the questions. Tune in and see what you really need, and how your driver energy may be sabotaging what you truly want to get done, and how you truly want to show up.

As I said, understanding this has been and continues to be one of my greatest challenges. But it’s also been one of the greatest lessons of my life. Tune in and see what this lesson could potentially have to teach you, too. It might just change everything.

Until next time

You’ve got this.

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