Your body doesn’t lie Your body doesn’t lie Your body doesn’t lie

Your body doesn’t lie


That knot in your stomach as you walk into the meeting.

The clenching of your teeth as you fight back the words you really want to say.

The throbbing in your head as you think about your workload.

The churning in your gut when that friend calls who you really just don’t want to talk to. You can’t put your finger on it. You can’t rationalize it. It doesn’t really make sense.

But your body knows. 

And your body doesn’t lie.

Those migraines. The upset stomach. The broken foot. The tiredness. The sore throat. The constant bout of the flu. The weight you just can’t shift.

It’s all your body’s way of telling you something that cognitively or consciously you aren’t tuned in to. When you get a message from your body by way of a feeling or symptom – the way you feel in your body every time you are speaking to a certain person, or how you always get sick before a recurring event in your life, or how your energy seems to vanish each Monday morning like clock work – then at some point it serves us all well to listen.

Sitting in your feminine energy, tuning in to your knowledge and intuition, and getting still enough to hear it, ask yourself these questions:

– what are you feeling in your body right now?

– where do you feel any disharmony or discomfort?

– is this a recurring feeling?

– what is this trying to tell you?

– what action do you need to take to bring yourself back to harmony?

Our bodies are beautiful, wise vessels that give us all of the lessons we need to learn if we are tuned in enough to listen, and to act on that guidance. 

What is it costing you to ignore your own wisdom, or stay stuck in a pattern that is not serving you?

What will it take for you to make a shift?

What if you could decide right now that you could make any change required with grace and ease?

You can. And you can let it be easy.

Tune in. Your body has all the answers you need. Follow it home.

P.S If you want to go deeper, grab one of these books:

Your body is the barometer of your soul by Annette Noontil

The body doesn’t lie by Vicky Vlachonis